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MP3 Ringtones / Trapt

Download Trapt ringtones and MP3 music tones


Trapt - Are You With Me

Trapt - Avelyn (Acoustic Version)

Trapt - Beautiful Scar

Trapt - Black Rose

Trapt - Black Rose (Acoustic)

Trapt - Bleed Like Me

Trapt - Bring It

Trapt - Bring It (Acoustic Version)

Trapt - Contagious

Trapt - Contagious (Acoustic)

Trapt - Cover Up

Trapt - Curiosity Kills

Trapt - Disconnected

Trapt - Drama Queen

Trapt - Echo

Trapt - Echo (Acoustic)

Trapt - End Of My Rope

Trapt - Enigma

Trapt - Experience

Trapt - Experience (Acoustic Version)

Trapt - Forget About The Rain

Trapt - Get Out Of Your Own Way

Trapt - Get Up

Trapt - Going Under

Trapt - Headstrong

Trapt - Headstrong (Acoustic)

Trapt - Hollowman

Trapt - Influence

Trapt - Livewire (Light Me Up)

Trapt - Living In The Eye Of The Storm

Trapt - Living In The Eye Of The Storm (Acoustic Version)

Trapt - Lost Realist

Trapt - Lost Realist (Acoustic)

Trapt - Love Hate Relationship

Trapt - Love Hate Relationship (Acoustic Version)

Trapt - Love Hate Relationship (Acoustic)

Trapt - Made Of Glass

Trapt - Made Of Glass (Acoustic)

Trapt - My Own Design

Trapt - New Beginning

Trapt - No Apologies

Trapt - Only One In Color

Trapt - Only One In Color (Acoustic)

Trapt - Overloaded

Trapt - Ready When You Are

Trapt - Ready When You Are (Acoustic)

Trapt - Repeat Offender

Trapt - Skin Deep

Trapt - Sound Off

Trapt - Stand Up

Trapt - Still Frame

Trapt - Stories

Trapt - Storyteller

Trapt - Stranger In The Mirror

Trapt - Strength In Numbers

Trapt - The Game

Trapt - The Last Tear

Trapt - The Wind

Trapt - These Walls

Trapt - These Walls (Acoustic)

Trapt - Too Close

Trapt - Too Close (Acoustic Version)

Trapt - Too Close (Acoustic)

Trapt - Use Me To Use You

Trapt - Victim

Trapt - Waiting

Trapt - Waiting (Acoustic)

Trapt - Wasteland

Trapt - When All Is Said And Done

Trapt - When It Rains

Trapt - Wherever She Goes

Trapt - Who's Going Home With You Tonight (Acoustic)

Trapt - Who's Going Home With You Tonight?

Trapt - You're No Angel

Trapt ringtones for Verizon, Nextel, Cingular, Sprint and other cell phones

In 2000 Trapt issued its third album called Glimpse, which became rather popular and commercially successful. In 2001 thr band signed the music contract with Warner Bros., which released the group's eponymous album the following year. The Trapt EP appeared in 2004. The record became very popular an was followed by the full-length Someone in Control in 2005.

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